Weight Loss


Current Mission: Lose Weight – Week 7 and PMS

August 9, 2020
PMS sucks during a weight loss journey

And I’ve stalled on losing weight again – thanks PMS. Up down, up down. But that’s the way they say it goes, right? This may be TMI but it’s the main topic for this week so you’re forewarned…. the week before your period is not fun. Before we go into all that though, let’s do the breakdown. How Did Week 7 Go on my Weight Loss Journey? Maybe…


Current Mission: Lose Weight – Week 6 and Meal Plans

August 2, 2020
meal plans and how they help

I’m losing weight again! Whoop! Was it because I changed some things up this week? Was it because I stuck to my weekly meal plans? Was it because I watched my containers better? Was it due to unexplainable forces because our bodies are just weird when it comes to weight fluctuation? I have no idea. But whatever it is, I’ll take it. How Did Week 6 Go on…


Current Mission: Lose Weight – Week 3 Check-in

July 12, 2020
Begin your weight loss journey. Begin your evolution.

Shoot. Let’s just start with a spoiler alert on my current weight loss journey. I was SO excited to be able to tell you guys this week that I had lost 5 pounds. Yes, even after my 4th of July “overnight weight gain” fiasco that shall never again be named. I had lost those extra two pounds by Tuesday and all week I was holding steady at 5…


Current Mission: Lose Weight – Week 2 Check-in

July 5, 2020
Weight Loss and Holidays - week 2 check in

Annnnnnddddd we’re back! It’s currently Day 14 of 60 in this new weight loss program I’m doing and I’ve just finished week 2 – with a holiday in there to boot! How Did Week 2 Go on my Weight Loss Journey? Not my best week honestly, as you’ll read below but I’m still feeling pretty motivated and I can see a difference when I look in the mirror.…


Current Mission: Lose Weight – Week 1 Check-in

June 28, 2020
Ultimate Portion Fix by Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody

I’m currently on Day 7 of 60 in this new program I’m doing. Spoiler Alert – things are going pretty well so far! For more details, keep reading. What am I doing? I signed up for Beachbody’s Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition program. This is what’s known as their “container system” and it teaches you normal portion sizes for what you’re eating as well as balancing your macro-nutrients. With…


Mission: Lose 30 pounds

June 15, 2020

I’m onto a new goal. I’m not done with my financial journey by any means, but I’ve nearly paid off all my credit card debt (Only $5k left!!) and so my focus has gone to another big challenge. I want to lose weight – 30 pounds to be exact – and I want to keep it off. I have tried a million different times in nearly as many…