Current Mission: Lose Weight – Week 3 Check-in

July 12, 2020
Begin your weight loss journey. Begin your evolution.

Shoot. Let’s just start with a spoiler alert on my current weight loss journey.

I was SO excited to be able to tell you guys this week that I had lost 5 pounds. Yes, even after my 4th of July “overnight weight gain” fiasco that shall never again be named. I had lost those extra two pounds by Tuesday and all week I was holding steady at 5 pounds down.

And then… Saturday night happened.

To summarize this night. I ate way too late and, while I didn’t go over my container count at all, I ate way too many containers for dinner. I ended up with a very random mix of containers come dinner time and realized I had to eat for an army of 3 in order to get all my containers in. Oh, and then I threw a glass of wine in there too (accounting for a yellow). Why? Because… Saturday.

Annnnnndddd then I woke up this morning 1 pound heavier.

The funny thing though? I wasn’t bummed about the number on the scale so much as I was bummed that I couldn’t tell you guys I was succeeding. This is important for later on in the post so keep that in mind.

How Did Week 3 Go on my Weight Loss Journey?

This week was alright, actually! I made small adjustments from last week which helped. Now, I wasn’t perfect, mind you, but small adjustments. I also finished the week. Completion of what you say you’re going to do is so important. More so than I think I ever realized until this week. I mean, to myself. I have always known it’s important to do what you say you’re going to do for others. But for myself? And in a weight loss journey? Naaaahhhh. Wing it baby and see how it goes.

Well, that’s gone perfect for me so far. (Please, hear the dripping sarcasm in my voice here).

So this week, more mental mindset and heartset came into play which I’ll discuss further down in the post.

Most important thing this week, I am still motivated. And that’s saying a lot.

Nutrition This Week: 7 out of 7 days

So, yes. My nutrition journey this week was all 7 out of 7 days but does that mean I was perfect? Not by any means. But that is not what I’m measuring.

I suppose, I should explain that a bit more so that we’re all on the same page here.

For the time being, I’m not interested in knowing did I eat every single one of my containers, never going over, and if all of it was clean, whole, unprocessed food. That’s the icing on the cake for me.

What I am interested in learning is was I aware of my nutrition every day and did I make good decisions every day. Maybe there is a fast food run (like I did on Saturday) BUT was that fast food Chipotle where I could build my own bowl, ask for what I want, and then come home and portion it out myself? Hell yes, it was! THAT to me is a win for nutrition. You have to have balance and real life will sneak in.

I’m sure there will be a time that I’m measuring more specifics about nutrition but right now, was I aware and did I make good decisions – that’s the good stuff.

Fitness: 5 out of 5 days

I am LOVING Barre Blend. And not only that, I am loving a few other things too.

1 – My body. Seriously.

My legs have never looked this muscular since decades ago when I used to dance and play volleyball. I’m loving that.

My stomach hasn’t looked this flat in almost a decade. Do I still have room to go? Of course I do! But I am seeing a difference.

Looking in the mirror is positive for me. I actually caught myself saying, “Dannnnnggg look at you!” lol

These phrases haven’t even been in my vocabulary for years now so give me my egotistical moment in the sun!

2- I am loving Elise (the trainer)

I started following her on Instagram and caught one of her “lives” the other day. Her positivity and radiance is contagious. I am really loving her energy in the classes and how she always ties things back to positive mindset.

On that note…

Mindset and Your Weight Loss Journey:

The musing for this week is mindset and how much that plays into your own weight loss journey.

No, this isn’t a “you have to want it bad enough” section or a “bootcamp style discipline” rant.

This is softer, but just as important. Let me explain.

I am more committed to my health and weight loss journey now than I ever have been before. And yes, that totally helps. But, it wasn’t until this week – Friday’s workout really – that I realized what a huge part (for me anyway) that feelings outside of commitment levels play in your results.

The realization I’m about to lay on you guys now, is entirely because of my thoughts AFTER being bummed I couldn’t tell you I hit a “5 pounds down” milestone.

Friday’s affirmation (that you get with every Barre Blend class) was “I am evolving.”

Think about that for a second.

You are evolving! It’s such a powerful statement. Even if you stumble, even if you’re perfect, even if you skip a day, even if you have the best day of your life…. every moment, every day, we are evolving. It was today that it hit me… there isn’t an end destination. There is always a new day. Even if you hit your goal weight, or your goal in general (that has nothing to do with weight), there is always a day after. And what will you do in the days after you hit your goal? You will evolve. You will push harder. You will develop new goals. You will decide who you want to be.

Side note: you would think I had figured this out already since, you know, that is the ENTIRE concept of this blog. But, yeh. Didn’t catch that until today. πŸ™‚

Anyway, it was such a relief for me to not have to worry about being perfect for 60 days or I wouldn’t see results. It took loads of pressure off to think that the next 60 days is just the first steps of my evolution. There ARE more steps to come. It isn’t finite. If I make a mistake (like Saturday night’s decision for a dinner of random containers and wine at 9pm) it’s just a small step of my evolution to who I am becoming next. It’s NOT a mistake that derails my entire progress. Evolving IS the progress.

So now, I am entirely bought into the whole mindset and heartset portions of your workout. Try it. Really think about a positive affirmation during your workout and see how it shapes your thinking both during the workout and after.

Weekly Grade: 78 out of 100.

I was better this week but I won’t be winning any weight loss journey scholarships based off of this week. (Did you catch the academic metaphor there? Since I’m dishing out grades and all.)

I made somewhat good decisions. And I certainly bettered my mindset. I found a strength inside me that I haven’t previously had with any weight loss journey in the past.

However, I can do better.

I can meal plan the entire week so I don’t have random containers leftover at the end of the day. (Done that for next week already so…boom!)

I can watch the timing of my meals to make sure I don’t get so ravenous I have a fast food run for nothing other than convenience.

However, I will continue to make sure that I stay aware and make good decisions whenever I can. And I will forgive myself if I don’t make the best decision and appreciate the journey of evolving.

Results to Date: Down 4 pounds.

One day soon I’m hoping to say my 5 pound milestone weight loss survived a Saturday night.

Maybe next week. πŸ™‚

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