Current Mission: Lose Weight – Week 2 Check-in

July 5, 2020
Weight Loss and Holidays - week 2 check in

Annnnnnddddd we’re back! It’s currently Day 14 of 60 in this new weight loss program I’m doing and I’ve just finished week 2 – with a holiday in there to boot!

How Did Week 2 Go on my Weight Loss Journey?

Not my best week honestly, as you’ll read below but I’m still feeling pretty motivated and I can see a difference when I look in the mirror. I’ve also noticed some pretty cool things apparently “reset”.

I can’t remember the last time I felt hungry. I get light-headed, cranky, and tired, but I haven’t felt my stomach growl or hunger pains in so long. If I’m honest, I just thought that was how I was, daresay, maybe even normal. But this week, I’m feeling hungry! When it gets to be about 3 hours from the last time I ate, my stomach growls and I can definitely tell I’m hungry. I have no idea if this is good or not but it certainly feels like this is something that my body should be doing/feeling and so I’m going to assume my body is beginning to “reset” itself and go with that!

Overall, my weight loss journey has shown me other things that were “off” that I just didn’t realize. I’ll consider this to be a win!

Nutrition This Week: 6 out of 7 days

This week was tricky for me. I got too confident. Having lost 3 pounds in one week, I thought to myself a couple of things. One, who knew weight loss would be this easy. Two, I felt I completely understood the container system and could start to be more flexible (read this as “eat more processed foods”) and three I also felt that I could have an extra nibble here and there. Now, it was seriously nibbles, not a sarcastic “nibble” but it was a couple here and there, and then an entire additional yellow container (carbs) on July 4th.

I also wasn’t as good at eating all my other containers. Still can’t eat all my dang fruit servings, but some days I’ve also not had as much protein as I needed.

Essentially, I just got too relaxed this week.

Fitness: 5 out of 5 days

Still going strong on the Barre Blend program. I really like it a lot and thanks to Amy and Kelly, I’m definitely looking forward to doing it and then chatting about it afterwards!

Feeling much stronger this week than last also. I even added 1 pound weights to the routine and I’m not having to modify all the moves like I did last week. I am still modifying some moves, mind you, but not all of them.

Finally, I also started taking a pre-workout on all the days I workout, not just cardio like last week, and I’m noticing that I can push myself much harder when I take that so I definitely plan to continue.

Holidays and Weight Loss:

I want to have a special section for this day since it was the 4th of July holiday and those are always when people get tripped up on their weight loss journey.

It was definitely my “worst” day of the week when it came to being on point but I’m not beating myself up about it. I made some good decisions and I made some bad decisions. But I was aware and I didn’t feel deprived and I know what to do differently next time.

First, I made sure to eat my normal breakfast and snack. I also had a meal planned for the day so I knew what I was going to indulge in and what I was going to cut back on.

For lunch, I chose to indulge in a regular hot dog with the bun. J was grilling them and they are traditional 4th of July fare so I went ahead and indulged. I put a small bit of ketchup and mustard on it and that was my treat for lunch. This I paired with it a serving of coleslaw (one that was hefty on the veggies and light on the sauce) and I made Spicy Cauliflower Bites instead of buffalo wings. I topped them with the Flavor God Ranch seasoning instead of dipping them in dressing and my goodness were they tasty! They felt so indulgent even though they were a serving of vegetables. I also had 1 beer while J and I were outside playing lawn games.

Then I drank a lot of water, had more vegetables as my afternoon snack and had a skinny sugar free margarita cocktail while we played Yahtzee.

Now…dinner didn’t completely go to plan. I needed more protein and less carbs and so when that always happens, my go-to is chili without beans. However, this particular evening, I sprinkled some cheese on it (fine because I still had a blue container left) but then I threw in not one but two handfuls of oyster crackers for some crunch. I was already at my yellow container over my yellow count and yet, even though I knew that, I still added more carbs anyway.

But wait…there’s more.

I also made a Fix-approved peach cobbler (which was delicious!) and I went ahead and ate some of that too. That brought me to a full 2.5 yellow containers over my daily limit.

Add that to the fact that I had dinner at 9 pm and I just wasn’t really winning the day in terms of being healthy.


It was a holiday. It could have been a lot worse (think more alcohol, more hot dogs, more peach cobbler, larger portion sizes, etc), and I’m back on track today. I even went for a mile walk this morning.

Weekly Grade: 72 out of 100.

I passed. But just barely. This upcoming week, I need to be less relaxed and continue the small healthy habits I’ve built up (like walking on my work breaks). I need to not “nibble” thinking that it’s just a couple of calories or just a bit over a container. I need to get back to meal planning ahead of time so I don’t have to scramble right before dinner to find something that covers my remaining containers.

Results to Date: Down 3 pounds.

This one hurts me to say, but I want to be honest with y’all while I’m on my weight loss journey. Had I written this blog yesterday, I would have been able to say I was down 5 pounds! But, apparently, the combination of a hot dog, a beer, peach cobbler, and some nibbles led to a 2 pound overnight weight gain!

That being said, I’m telling myself it’s just water weight because my sodium intake was higher and it will come back off throughout the week.

Fingers crossed, anyway. 🙂

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