Mission: Lose 30 pounds

June 15, 2020

I’m onto a new goal. I’m not done with my financial journey by any means, but I’ve nearly paid off all my credit card debt (Only $5k left!!) and so my focus has gone to another big challenge.

I want to lose weight – 30 pounds to be exact – and I want to keep it off.

I have tried a million different times in nearly as many ways to do this in the past and they’ve never stuck. Year after year the weight just creeps up and an extra 10 pounds becomes my new normal.

Not anymore.

Why put this very personal and emotional journey on the blog? A couple of reasons.

First, when my goal was to pay off my credit card debt, I put it on the blog. I never advertised the blog or even mentioned to folks I had one. I also didn’t really update it consistently. BUT a funny thing happened. The fact that it was out there, publicly, even if no one read it, helped me achieve it. If I’m honest, I have no idea why it worked the way it did, but it did. So I want to try it with this too.

Second, I have tried to lose some extra pounds here and there for what feels like the last decade. I have tried and clearly I have failed. But most, if not all, of what you read online are the transformation stories. The successes. While they are truly inspiring, I realized that they did two things for me. They never showed exactly HOW they succeeded (most of them simply said they exercised, and ate more veggies – while accurate – it wasn’t as prescriptive as I was hoping for) and It made me feel horrible that I couldn’t make this work for me. So my hope by sharing this goal here is two-fold.

I hope that if I succeed this time around, there is a highly descriptive plan of action for anyone else looking to achieve the same. Full of trials and tribulations. Hopes, successes, and set-backs, and an honest step by step guide of how I got from point A to point B – and how I felt throughout it all.

And if I fail, I hope that it makes someone feel better about themselves. Feel like they aren’t the only one that fails at something and that this will inspire them to get back up and try again – like I certainly hope I would do if I fail.


Well, if I’m honest, it might not be. But it does feel different this time around at least.

I feel more motivated than I have in the past. I have a deeper why (besides just the number on the scale). I have the money to afford the price tag that can come along with clean eating without stressing out. But will it work? I don’t know. I hope so, but I don’t know.


This time around, I’m trying BeachBody – and before you ask and roll your eyes, no, I’m not a coach.

I signed up for the Ultimate Portion Fix and I’ve chosen to start with the Barre Blend program from their on demand app. I will go into both programs in more detail in a later post but I’m committing to 60 days.

Now, I don’t want to lose 30 pounds in 60 days. That’s not healthy and not a reasonable goal to me. I’m hoping to lose 15 pounds in 60 days. Then I’ll reassess and see where I go after that.

I’ve also committed to the whole Shakeology thing for the 60 days. I am really unsure about that whole thing, if I’m honest. I have never had them before so they might taste horrible. They might not fill me up. They might not be good for my Type 1 diabetes. But what if that’s all in my head? What if it tastes delicious? What if it stabilizes my blood sugars? What if they keep me full throughout the day? What if they give me more energy and glowing skin? Who knows. But I won’t know unless I try it so I’m going to give them a fair shot. 60 days. Then we’ll see what happens.


I plan to update every Sunday evening with how I did the past week and how I’m feeling – physically and mentally. I’m starting tomorrow with the Barre Blend “prep workout” and I don’t yet have my Shakeology – it’s mailed to you and thanks to COVID-19, mail is super slow. So this will actually go on for more than 60 days. But I wanted to start right away while my momentum is high.

So here’s to you (if you’re on a similar journey) and here’s to me. We got this!

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