A New Start…

September 1, 2019
New Day New Start

What is it about a new month and a new season that make you begin reflecting on a new you? I need a new start.

I’ve done a piss poor job of updating this blog (sorry!) since I’ve started it and I had such high hopes for it – and for myself. But September first brings a new month, the start of the autumn season, and (hopefully) a brand new me.

But first, a couple of quick updates. I’ve got big changes in my world as of late.

The biggest update: My boyfriend has asked if we should move in together and of course my answer was ABSOLUTELY! So I’m currently reorganizing my house to make space for his belongings. To throw a wrench in those plans, I leave for the UK in 2 weeks and he is moving in at the end of the month so I have only two weeks to get everything done! Talk about motivation to do a massive declutter! πŸ™‚

An important update: At the start of January this year (yes, I’ve been away from blogging that long!) I was promoted to be the Regional Accounts Based Marketing Manager for the Americas. I’ve been loving it. I really do work for an amazing company. Of course, that came with a substantial pay increase so I’ve been able to pay down a lot of debt more aggressively than I originally planned to.

Where do I plan to go from here? (Goals and upcoming posts)

Home organizing and decorating will likely take up a lot of my time and therefore, thoughts, as I prepare my house over the next few weeks and as we adjust to living together. Look for upcoming posts on that topic.

I’ve gotten pretty good at doing my makeup after many (many) hours of watching YouTube tutorials. I really wish I had documented that in hindsight because that was part of the original blog intention. However, I’ve now moved on to fashion because hair was too hard to tackle next and I’ve never really been a stylish lady and so it’s time to change that. Except some posts around that.

Finances are still a major focus on mine – especially as I continually spend more money on makeup, clothes, and home decor! I intend to get back into my monthly networth posts (although I may move those to quarterly updates instead) and maybe general thoughts about living life to the fullest while still being financially responsible.

Finally, if you know me at all, you know that I’m a very reflective person. I’m constantly trying to read more, better myself, and create loads of game plans. So I suspect the “Musings” category might see a lot more action over the next coming months.

Will all that being said – I have a disclaimer. I may fully disappear again. πŸ™‚ Being in marketing, I started this blog with the intention of NOT marketing it. I do hope people read it. I’d like it to become “a thing.” But I don’t want it to consume me in the way I’m consumed at work all day. I don’t want to HAVE to post about a certain topic on a certain day (clearly). I want to write about things when I truly feel inspired to write about them. And if no one reads it except me and my mom, so be it.

Final thought of the post…. my goals as of late. Since I haven’t checked in since 2018 (2018 y’all!) I likely have new goals that no one even knows.

Goal #1: Get my house in order

Namely because of said move-in venture but even before that, it’s been weighing on my mind lately that I want to have a home that I love coming home to. That I feel wonderful in. That I look around and feel happy and content. God knows it’s taken way longer than 5 years for me to start taking this seriously, so now is the time.

Goal #2: Have a much better structure/routine to my day-to-day

There are numerous things that get pushed to the back burner when I feel mentally and physically tired. Not only that, if I don’t have a PLAN, I lose all sense of rational thought and think that laying around the house watching Netflix all day every day is the most appropriate thing to do. While there are certainly days that this is THE most appropriate course of action, I have other things in life I want to do.

I have a dog. He is my world. And I don’t do things with him nearly as much as I want to. I have a body that I’d like to make sure is healthy. I have a relationship and friendships that I’d like to make sure are nurtured. I would like to (finally) make cooking regularly a thing that I do. None of this will be accomplished consistently without a routine. I just know myself. I will continuously choose Netflix unless I make other things a habit BEFORE I indulge in Netflix.

Goal #3: Feel good about myself while still working towards my financial goals.

One thing has happened now that I feel I’ve “figured out” make-up. I look in the mirror and (sometimes even out loud!) tell myself how fantastic I look. Even things like the extra 10 pounds I want to lose, don’t seem to matter as much. Maybe I’m just getting older and finally to the point of not giving any f*cks but I’m really enjoying this.

As I mentioned, clothes and fashion are next on my list because part of why I haven’t felt as confident as of late is that my clothes don’t really fit right anymore, they don’t portray my current style and age, really, and even though I don’t love them, I keep them anyway. No idea why. So I’m on a mission to become more stylish but also LOVE what I’m wearing and feel good in it.

Now because clothes cost money and quality clothes can sometimes cost quite a bit of money, my goal is to make this happen while still maintaining an awareness on my financial goals. This likely means this process of revamping my wardrobe will be slow and steady, sometimes I’ll have to go without or get creative with things, and sometimes I’ll splurge for timeless high-quality pieces that I can get a lot of wear out of.

Enough about me, what about you?

What goals are you focused on right now? Any tips on how to do things that cost money (like revamp your wardrobe and decorate your home) while still watching your finances?

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